Investor and Analyst Relationship

Investor Relations management refers to the creation of a cohesive two-way communication between the business and the financial community. Finance and law compliance do form a vital part of this function but sound practices also need to be communicated effectively to investors to consistently build and keep alive their trust in your business.

We help you create a strong support plan through our accurate, effective and measurable communications strategies.

The team of experts at Abacus Media also plays the role of investor analysts for your business. We help you evaluate where your brand stands in the eyes of existing and potential stakeholders. Our investor and analyst relationship experts help you maintain and improve the positive perception of your business in the eyes of shareholders and the financial community at large.

We rely on our extensive experience and deep understanding of the consumer and media mind space to offer you strategic counsel that reflects directly on your share price.

A sound investor relations strategy should generate engagement with consumers, brokers, commercial and investment bankers, venture capitalists, investment counsellors and stockholders. The investor relations function also includes the transmission of knowledge about intangible values that the Branding and marketing company creates through its corporate governance practices or its corporate social responsibility.

Providing visibility to these initiatives is of paramount relevance when it comes to creating a positive and socially-conscious identity for your brand among investors. Crisis management in case of events like corporate restructuring, changes in management or downsizing of the organisation also require communication strategies that give a lucid and confident picture of the steps being taken in front of investors.