Sharad Singh

Founder,Abacus Media

Sharad Singh is an entrepreneur, High ticket branding and media marketing consultant, business trainer, author, a speaker with qualified masters in Sports Management and Marketing from Institute of Management Development and Research,NewDelhi.He is also Master degree holder ( Journalism and Mass Communication) Sharad started his career at the age of 22 as a Sports Journalist after 9 years of serving in field of Journalism and working with top news channels,He decided to venture into the field of branding and marketing. Soonhe became top name in field of marketing with his out of the box ideas, and superb execution skills.Sharad spearheads Abacus Media Organization which aims at delivering world class Branding and Media Marketing skills and expertise.Sharad has delivered Digital Marketing Training programs and Digital Marketing Services in last 5 years to a different group and individuals and this is what people got to say about him and his team’s work. Focused, passionate Media marketer & Chief Thinker at Abacus Media, Sharad is an eager strategist & spearheads all the initiatives at Abacus Media.Sharad has worked with several brands on the national&international level. He was acknowledged by Global Youth Marketing Forum as the ‘Top 25 Media and Marketing Professionals of India‘.